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Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program

As China has become one of the largest trading partners of the United States and the second largest economy in the world, the significance of knowing Mandarin is quite obvious. The US Department of Defense has ranked Mandarin as the second most important foreign language.
Many people believe that the best way for children to excel in foreign languages is to learn in an immersive environment. In addition, research shows that academic levels of children educated in a dual language immersion program often surpass those of children educated in English only.
By offering students early education to learn Mandarin, understand Chinese culture and the people, we can prepare them for better opportunities in a globalized world in which the U.S. and China will continue to be major players.

Program Subjects in Mandarin(中文双语课程项目)

  • Integrated Science (综合科学/健康教育)
  • Mandarin Language Arts & Chinese Culture (汉语与中国文化课)

Benefits of Being Bilingual (双语的好处与优势)

  • Greater cognitive flexibility (认知学习弹性强)
  • Better problem-solving abilities (解决问题能力提升)
  • Increased academic performance (学业成绩优良)
  • CA Seal of Bi-literacy (获得加州双语金印)
  • Awareness and understanding of other cultures (了解中国文化且掌握中美文化差异)

Assessment of Chinese Ability (中文水平测试)

If you are interested in entering the program, but not sure if you are ready for it, don’t worry! We offer a diagnostic test for enrollment. Please feel free to contact us to make arrangements.
如果您的孩子想就读我们的中文双语班,但是不确定孩子的中文水平是否能够入班,请您不用担心。我们提供中文水平测试服务。请与以下的Mr. John Valencia 先生联系安排中文程度测试日期和时间。谢谢!

Please contact Mr. Valencia, Magnet Coordinator

Phone: 323-224-4801    Email: [email protected]