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Student Uniforms/Uniformes

Red or White polo AND Khaki or Blue colored pants

Please note that for this school year, students will be allowed to continue to wear the white polo and navy-blue uniform pants/shorts if families have already purchased them.

The schedule for wearing uniforms is as follows:

  • Every Day - School Uniform (Red Shirt / Khaki Bottoms) or Nightingale Shirt with uniform pants (Khaki Blue Bottoms)

Not Allowed:

* Jeans
* Over-sized attire 
* Ripped denim pants
* Sandals / Flip flops / "Crocs"
* Spaghetti Strap Tops
* Mid-drift shirts showing the stomach area
* Hats, Caps, or Bandanas
* Inappropriate writing, signage, or logos on any clothing item
* Pajamas
* Stuffed Animals (items)

P.E. Uniforms are sold on-site